Women SCORE Higher in 2021

Women SCORE Higher Virtual Conference Agenda
Women SCORE Higher
Dr. Lois Frankel

The Women SCORE Higher in 2021: Becoming a Fearless Female virtual event happens on April 22 from 1 to 5 pm.
New York Times best selling author, Dr. Lois Frankel will give the opening keynote interactive address. A few of her books include Nice Girls Don’t Speak Up or Stand Out and Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office. Her topic uniquely encourages a woman to make her voice heard, her point made and her presence felt.
The keynote address is followed by two breakout sessions with 13 workshops. Workshop topics include personal branding, strengths assessment, negotiation skills, work/life integration, leading teams, leading change, conquering public speaking, technical skills for leading a remote team, financial planning, panels on financing a business, marketing a business and ask a business lawyer a question.
The third session and finale features an interactive cooking demonstration from an award winning chef. Attendees will be able to demonstrate work life integration by cooking along with the chef as they hear tips on a healthy work life integration

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