Tune Up Your Team: Priorities, People, and Profit

2:40 Tune Up Your Team: Priorities, People, and Profits Debra Kunz /Center for Deliberate Growth®

You’re already smart, savvy, and strong, right?!  Whether you are a seasoned executive, entrepreneur, evolving leader, or business owner, you CAN become more effective.  Powerful team leadership drives the business and gives you the essential tools to achieve goals.

In this interactive program, Debra Kunz, Executive Coach, and Founder of the Center for Deliberate Growth®, shares proven steps to help you manage your business challenges, competing priorities, limited time, and endless decisions.

  • Optimize how you and your team spend time.
  • Manage the obstacles that interfere with your team’s output.
  • Drive productive business results.
  • Recalibrate your energy and focus.
  • Create dynamic breakthroughs.