2:40 Bee-Coming a Better You: Aspire, Negotiate, Deliver

  • Angel Zimmerman
  • Business Coaching & Consulting Services
  • https://www.bccsks.com/

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Angel Zimmerman is managing partner of Zimmerman & Zimmerman, P.A. in downtown Topeka, KS, a woman-owned law firm. Her firm is devoted to collection law of which she has been a part for the last 25 years as office manager, partner, and now the owner. She is a Washburn School of Law graduate of 2006.

Community service is her passion and she has served in numerous organizations as president locally, nationally, and internationally. She is the chapter author on time management for the ABA book, “Her Story.”

She has also recently started a new business called BCCS, LLC which is a life coaching and business consulting company that is quickly becoming one of her all-time favorite things to do.

She is the proud mother of 4 amazing adult children and practices law with her husband who has been at her side since high school debate days — as rivals. She loves everything yellow, bees and sunflowers. Her motto: BEE ABOVE YOUR USUAL.


  • Bee-coming a Better You: Aspire, Negotiate, Deliver

    Becoming better is an invitation so as you negotiate with others (and yourself) one should learn how to become more inclusive AND enticing. This session will offer you quick tips AND profound depth in your journey to stand your ground AND compromise.