Anna Woods

Panelist – Anna Woods

  • Founder
  • Anna Woods Fitness LLC

Hello! I am Anna Woods. Wife and Mom to 3. I have based my entire career on helping other people find their value and worth through fitness, nutrition, but mostly through the belief that “I am enough.” My goal is to redefine fitness/self-worth from our weight on a scale, getting away from the belief that failure is failing, and instead to that of crossing our own personal “finish lines.”  We as women and girls spend so much time helping others, trying to fit in, give too much of ourselves, and carry the burdens of life ENTIRELY on our shoulders…and we lose ourselves and our health in the process.  For women, this is a lifelong battle that starts in our youth.  So the first step in the journey with me is to set a boundary around our health, define our roles in the day to day, make our personal goals a priority again, surround ourselves with a supportive community, and then consistently making changes over the long-term.  I coach my sheSTRENGTH Squad (women/girls) online via my app and through our private community as well as through my 2 gym locations in Maize and Buhler, KS.

  • BS. Exercise Science/Marketing
  • ACE-Certified Personal Trainer Bio-mechanical Exercise Specialist
  • Functional Aging Specialist
  • CrossFit Level 1 Coach
  • Special Population Fitness Certified (wheelchair-based)
  • Published Author
  • Motivational Speaker/Writer
  • Founder of Anna Woods Fitness LLC