Jill Miller

Jill D Miller is a world champion plate spinner. With her independent business development consulting company, Creative Solutions, Jill has helped fledgling entrepreneurs launch out-of-the-ordinary and sometimes quirky new ventures, helped seasoned business owners see new possibilities and has kept freelancers motivated since 1998. As if that wasn’t enough, Jill started teaching entrepreneurship classes at Wichita State University in 2013, which she has found to be an exhilarating adventure of her plate-spinning prowess.

In her spare time, Jill likes to stay busy. Since 2017, she has served on the Board of Trustees at the Wichita Art Museum, as Chair of the Friends of the Wichita Art Museum. Jill was the organizer of the Friends of the Wichita Art Museum’s Annual Art and Book Fair from 2015 to 2019, that brings over 6,000 people to the museum annually over Mother’s Day weekend. She’s past president of Wichita Professional Communicators and Director of Fun on the board of the National Federation of Press Women. Deeply involved in the fundraising event, ArtAID, from 1993 to 2012, she helped raise nearly $2 million to help people in Wichita living with HIV and AIDS. Believing strongly in the importance of mom-and-pop businesses and how much they add to the community, Jill founded Cash Mob Wichita in 2012, gathering groups of shoppers to “mob” and spend money at local businesses. A bit of a social butterfly, Jill loves meeting new people and attending local art, music and theater events. 

Compelled to start the Finishing School for Modern Women in 2015, to help women be more successful in business and life, Jill believes she’ll never be “finished.” She is excited to learn along the school’s students and speakers. She doesn’t know how to say “no” and needs that class badly