Mimi Meredith

Emcee – Mimi Meredith

  • Marketing & Development
  • Kansas Cosmosphere

Mimi Meredith has lived in Hutchinson twice. Her first Hutch experience was from 1986 to 1999. During that time, she and her husband Greg had three children, two dogs and two addresses. Mimi’s first job in Hutchinson as a news director for KWHK AM Radio. That’s right…KWHK used to be an AM station located at 6th and Main in Hutchinson where you’ll now find the offices of Wade Patton Insurance.

Following a year of live scene reports and on-air shifts beginning at 4:30 a.m., she left “HK” and joined the team at Jane Lee Communications. That experience was a great springboard to creating her own public relations and advertising agency—MPR—which she operated for five years including four that were spent in offices on the sixth floor of the Wiley Building. When she decided to step back from business ownership, she went to work for one of her favorite clients, TECH Inc. She spent a total of eight years serving TECH, and the mission to create inclusive communities is still one of her greatest passions.

Shifting to part time work in the summer of 1997, Mimi worked with what was then known as Hutchinson Boys and Girls Club/Kids After School until just before her family moved to Phoenix in December of 1999.

That segment of the Life and Times of Mimi Meredith is for those of you who weren’t yet even born in 1986 when Mimi and Greg first moved to Hutchinson to a two-bedroom house on East 16th.  In 2012, Mimi, Greg and their then 15-year-old daughter Mary Charlotte, moved back to Hutchinson for their Hutch.1 experience. In the last ten years, the Meredith family has loved calling Hutchinson home once again. During that time, they’ve watched their children grow into amazing adults and are happy to have entered the realm of being grandparents—truly the best thing ever! She will be happy to share stories of her granddaughter and grandson any time.

On May 1, Mimi will celebrate her eighth anniversary working with the Cosmosphere in marketing and development. She loves this community and the state of Kansas (even though her home state of Montana still claims a large part of her heart) and she is truly honored to be with the outstanding women at Women SCORE Higher.