Sarah Morgan

Sarah is a Leadership Expert, in behaviour, communication, and emotional intelligence specifically for business owners and their executive leaders. She has helped some of Australia’s most successful brands navigate their organisation as a place for talent to grow and assisted 1000’s of SME’s to establish their business and grow.

She helps organisations to navigate the people management and leadership of their strategic plan.

She has collaborated and developed leadership programs for organisations and business leaders, in a neuro lab, testing outcomes and techniques with global MBA students. Transforming participants communication skills, influence in the workplace and emotional intelligence and how it corelates to business, results and working with people. 


Leadership has become the most integral attribute for organizations to succeed in talent acquisition, team development, innovation, and economics.

Managers who can communicate with influence, begin a chain reaction in their organization to cultivate a leadership mindset throughout the whole organisation. The first step in building a profitable business, (using your largest business asset – your people), is to understand “How Leaders Communicate” and acknowledge the changes you can customize for your own communication style. 

This session attendees will: 

*Want to transform their communication style to be influential and make an impact. 

*They will be able to identify ways to inspire, motivate and reward their team members. 

*Set a plan for effective and influential communication. 

*Align their team member’s motivation to the organisations vision to create momentum and results. 

As a workshop, participants will complete an Influential Leader “Logic Model” as well as receive a professional workbook which past participants have used it on going in their business.

Sarah is a curator of conversation as a Keynote Speaker, Board Room Facilitator, Podcast – Influential Leader, Panel Facilitator, Workshop Facilitator, and MC.

Sarah is known for her engaging and professional conference presentations, live and virtual. She helps your audience to understand their own strengths and weaknesses and how to apply themselves better in business, as a leader, to get the best out of staff allowing their organisation to grow profitably.

Sarah has spoken at key business events in Australia such as The International Convention Centre in Sydney for #Captech2022 featuring over 40 of Australia’s prominent government and business leaders in health, education, innovation, investment, and start-ups. 

She has been MC and panel facilitator for numerous events include NSW Community Migrant Resource Centre’s multicultural business expo for over 400 migrant businesses, Business in Uncertain Times for Sydney Investors Professional and Business Network with Hon Natalie Ward Minister of Parliament, and Reconnect event for Ryde City and Kur-ing-gai Council small, medium and large business centre.

Sarah is also a keynote speaker for Western Sydney University Careers and Professional Conference, and University of New England and Paramatta Chamber of Commerce -Business Forum. Many of these events Sarah acted as an advisor and integral member of the strategic planning committee.

Sarah is a founding Board Member for The Fair Fight Foundation – the charity behind Supertee, providing medical garments to Australia’s sickest children and currently holds seats on the Board for and Kick360, media platform and is a founding board member for Crypto Academy. She has been a small business advocate for local Chamber of Commerce boards. 

A qualified NLP practitioner, Timeline therapist, DISC accredited, and GPI Partner and holds a Marketing Diploma. Sarah helps leaders in organisations to prepare themselves and their team to grow the bottom line by developing key leadership strategies.

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Speaking and workshop topics: These topics can be written bespoke for your audience upon request. 





Sarah is a Leadership Expert, with a vision to change the way organisations think and behave, by creating a world of thoughtful leaders.  


Understanding human behaviour with Sarah, is well thought out that you will be able to relate and make connections for your own actions and responsibilities with regard your behaviour style, communication, and emotional intelligence. You will leave here today being able to empower your team and impact your organisations culture.