3:30 The Messy Middle – Survive and Thrive During Life Transitions

  • Stacy Griner
  • Griner Collective Co LLC
  • https://www.stacygriner.com/

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Stacy Griner is a Mindset & Business Coach for aspiring entrepreneurs. She is also the owner of SMG Wellness, a consulting company focused on the integration of wellness into the culture of small businesses and start-ups. Further, she is the proud owner and operator of Kika Stretch Studios-Atlanta a franchise boutique wellness company. She is a graduate of Menlo College with a B.A. in Business Administration with a specialty in Human Resource Management.

Prior to leaping into entrepreneurship, she spent over 20 years in the legal technology space handling e-discovery project management. In her spare time, she enjoys cycling, running, triathlon, and traveling.


  • The Messy Middle – How to Survive and Thrive During Life Transitions

    Navigating the transition from college to career or career to your next chapter? In this talk, we’ll explore strategies on how to ditch imposter syndrome, articulate your value and take radical responsibility to not only survive but thrive in your next career or chapter of life.